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About – Israel Government Portal

The Israel Government portal is a part of the Israel E-government project, aimed at improving the connection between the citizens and the Government of Israel and promoted by the Minister of Finance and the Accountant General. The site presents a concentration of online services and information provided by the Israeli Government and Authorities.

All information from Israeli Government and Authorities appears under the following categories:
1. Ministries and Authorities: Information from the websites of Government Ministries and main authorities.
2. Guides: Information tailored to key target audiences: tourists, students, new immigrants (Olim), migrant workers, and investors. Each subject includes information, online forms and payments in the English language from the relevant Government ministries.
3. Subjects
4. Forms
5. Payments includes additional helpful information and tools such as an exchange rates. Portal Campaign
In accordance with a decision by the Israeli Government from April 2005 and in accordance with a directive by the Accountant General, all Government ministries must include the portal logo and URL,, in any official publication (documents, envelopes, payment vouchers, etc.).